10 World’s Famous Singers of All Time

Here is a list of top world-famous singers of all time that have always been amusing the world with their songs, unfortunately, some of them have already passed away but their music still lives.

Michael Jackson – well, this should definitely not be a surprise for you. He started singing in his childhood with his brothers and became a recognized singer in Hollywood. Known as the king of pop, is undoubtedly the best music entertainer of all time, he sold almost 65 million copies of this thriller single album. And just a side note, he loves a healthy amount of coffee!


Kurt Cobain – He was the youngest and a true inspiration to millions of hearts in the world with his songs especially the song ‘smells like a teen spirit’ which encountered a breakthrough, he was in a band known as Nirvana where he was the lead vocalist, he left this world at the age of 27 but the magic he left is immortal.


Whitney Houston – Declared by the Guinness Book of world records as the most awarded female act of all time, she is definitely an incredible and elegant celebrity with songs that will never fade from our hearts.


Prince Rogers – He is one of the pioneers of music who gave his fellow artists a tough competition; he was a musical innovator who was mostly known for his extravagant dress and makeup. He managed to achieve several awards in his career; these included the 7 Grammy awards and many more. He managed to sell over 100 records worldwide.


David Bowie – Having sold 140 million records, he is among the best selling artists, He started his musical career as a kid in the year 1963 and re-appeared later in 1972 and started entertaining the entire world with his exceptional masterpieces.


Frank Sinatra – He sold 150 million records in his music career; he became one of the most inspirational and famous music artists of 20th century. People knew him from his flawless dress and cleanliness.


John Lennon – He was the co-founder a successful band known as ‘The Beatles’ but after the group split, he continued with his musical journey as a solo singer, but he left music again in the year 1975 to look after his son and came back in 1980 but was unfortunately murdered.


Paul McCartney – this man is an English singer, he was in the same music bad with John Lennon, he was a multi-instrumentalist, and he got to gain worldwide fame with the rock band and The Beatles.


Adele – She started singing in the year 2006, the lady has proved herself as a great singer with a great voice, she is known for her international singles like hello and someone like you.


Madonna – she is an American singer who is well known for her explicit videos, dancing moves, and clothing.